Impact of Corona for expats

Impact of Corona for expats

The corona virus is spreading in the Netherlands and impacts expats too.  International professionals at work in the Dutch economy are concerned about their job and income and have many questions;

  • Will my contract be ended premature?
  • Will I be forced to return to my country?
  • What happens when I or my family gets sick?
  • What can I do to get a new contract fast?

Fortunately the Netherlands has a strong economy and financial means to deal with the massive impact on the wellbeing of our citizens and economy. The government is taking strong measures to protect the vulnerable and is supporting companies to get through this crisis. International workers have in essence the same rights and obligations as Dutch/EU Citizens.

Secondly, Holland has a very strong Health Insurance system that is open to everybody living and working in the Netherlands. EU citizens must take out Dutch health insurance within four months of registering at their city hall.Expats from outside the EU must take out Dutch health insurance within four months of receiving their residence permit. For more info about the Dutch Insurance system see our blog Dutch Health Insurance system overview

If your contract can be ended premature depends on the specific terms and conditions. But if it can, you can be assured that our famous social benefit system and laws apply to everybody with a valid permit status. And if your employment agency, like Ruwer,  is certified by NBBU or ABU you can be certain that the contracts meet the social security regulations.
If however your contract is ended lawfully, you will have 3 months to find another job. This search period starts on the day your contract end. We can help you find a job if you register with us. Or have a look at our jobs listed.

We wish you all the best and stay healthy.
Ruwer team

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