Front-end developer

Location's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant
Hours40 hours
EmploymentVast / Permanent Job

Are you a Front-end developer with lot's of experience with Angular (9) and NdRx? Then this might be the job for you. It's a great company in Noord Brabant. You will start on project base but a contract is one of the possibilities. This company is the no.1 retailer in the Netherlands and IT has a crucial role in the innovation and development of their services.

About the job

One of their departments is migrating to Sitecore+. The IT team is working agile for a long time, at this moment they are shaping their organization towards DevOps to shorten their development cycle, innovate faster and become even more agile. For this transition we are looking for a DevOps Engineer Frontend in Den Bosch.

As a DevOps Engineer Frontend you will:
Work on state of the art technologies. We build our applications with Angular 9, rely heavily on NgRx state management. Serve the applications from NodeJS or our headless Sitecore 9 platform.
Take ownership and feel responsible for our applications 
Feel the urge to keep our applications up-to-date and continuously improve the system with a strong focus on automation in our Gitlab CI/CD pipeline.
Work closely together with your Agile DevOps team and take part in the rituals of our SAFe way of working.

Important for this role is that you also have a keen eye for (UX) design. Someone who knows why UX is important and can look over different scenario's. Someone who strives for unity in design and style for the brand to challenge the designer as well.  

Who are we looking for

We're looking for someone with a strong expertise in software development and you are an expert in Javascript, have experience with Typescript and other Javascript preprocessors, have a good practice with modern web application frameworks like React, Vue or preferably Angular, have experience with state management frameworks like NgRx or redux, know how to write asynchronous code using callbacks, promises or preferably observables, have the know how to write semantic and accessible HTML, understand the basics of content management, preferably within Sitecore, preferably have knowledge about component structures within Sitecore. 

Besides that you : 

- Have the skills to style your applications with CSS and know how to make use of CSS preprocessors like sass or less.

- Have a practice of testing your own software through unit testing, TDD and/or BDD

- Have noticeable experience in NodeJS and related frameworks like Express or NestJS

- Have the know how to build a Docker container and deploy this in Kubernetes

- Are experienced in developing and maintaining a CI/CD Pipeline (Git, Octopus)

- Understand the difference between OOP and FP and know how to use these concepts in your daily work

Requirements and wishes

- A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, Informatics, Business Informatics or equivalent fields.

- 3+ years of analysis and programming experience, preferably in a commercial organization.

- Demonstrated ability to analyze and interpret complex problems or processes, identify and understand requirements, and develop alternate solutions with the end consumer in mind.

- Experience in designing, developing, testing, deploying and/or operating applications/systems using proven or emerging technologies, in a variety of technologies and environments.

- Demonstrated ability to interact, develop, engineer, and communicate collaboratively and effectively at technical levels with clients, vendors, partners, and all levels of Essent staff.

- Ability to communicate effectively in English, speaking Dutch is a big plus.

- An EU working permit is required for this position.

What do we offer?

You will start on project base with a competative salary paid through our work agency. But it is our clients ambition to add you to their team for a longer period.

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Jake Wensing
Jake Wensing

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