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Art-director, designer, DTP, image editor, designer, designer, technical DTP, illustrator, packaging designer, copywriter, infographic designer, visualiser, film editor, photographer, web designer, interaction designer, functional designer, webmaster / WTP ‘er, animator, 3D illustrator, 3D animator, motion designer, game developer, game designer, character designer, content manager, audio / video engineers, motion designers, content developer, interaction / UX designers, front-end developers, CMS developer, SEO / SEA specialist, social media developers, …


Project leader, account manager, Scrum master, studio manager, trafficer, office manager, production manager, …

IT Development
(solution) architect, software developers, mobile developers, network engineers, security engineers, system engineers, devops engineers, database engineers, cloud engineers, testers, …

data scientists, data analysts, algorithm developers, machine learning engineer, BI developers, ETL engineers


lecturer in spatial courses, lecturer in graphic courses, lecturer in multimedia, lecturer in illustration,…

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