about us

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Professionals for succes

Attention and experience. That requires creativity. Ruwer understands the creative process like no other. After all, we have been working for a wide range of customers in the creative industry for more than 20 years.

Talent at every level

Professionals are registered with us at every level. We select talent for creation, software development and data from the Netherlands, the other EU countries and sometimes from outside the EU. Our knowledge of the various disciplines, of the functions and of the constantly changing market and requirements are important factors in this.

Our collaboration

Ruwer places candidates for temporary and permanent jobs. Finding and placing successful talent stands or falls with transparency and reliability. We therefore set expectations in advance and agree on how we will deal with the introduction and assessment of candidates.
After we have made clear agreements together, we start with an analysis of the vacancy; proposal / discussion of the required education level, skills, experience, expectations; Selection and introduction of suitable candidates with motivation and rate or salary.

The candidates presented have always recently had an extensive personal intake with Ruwer.

We are NEN certified and member of the NBBU.